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Friends of the
Weeks Public Library

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The Friends File

July Friends File:

Karen Johnson, an appreciation… And an appreciation in poem-form of volunteers.

Karen Johnson, Secretary for the Friends of the Week’s Public Library, is stepping away as secretary. I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank her for her years of service.

Karen, we so appreciate all that you have done on behalf of the Friends in particular and
for the library generally.

Anyone who has ever attended one of our Friends meetings knows this: Karen produces
phenomenal minutes. I’m not sure how she does it, but she produces excellently detailed and
clear descriptions of the aspects and elements of each of our meetings. She gets the particular’s
right. And while it is undoubtedly not the case, she makes it look easy. On behalf of our entire
Friends community, thank you, Karen, for your service as our Secretary.

As part of this appreciation, I turn to the poet, Peter Cole, who wrote the poem (excerpted)
Quatrains for a Calling. In it he asks the question “Why are you here?” -- which can be asked
and answered of volunteers. And I, not particularly poetical, offer a response.


Quatrains for a Calling

Why are you here?
Who have you come for
and what would you gain?
And you’ve volunteered.
Why are you here?
when it could take years
to find out — what?
It’s all so slippery,
and may not cohere.
And yet, you’re here 
And what do you hear?
Is it what you revere?
Is that why you’re here?
Do you have a good ear?
For praise or for verse?
Can you handle a curse?
Define, persevere.
Why are you here?
It could be a career.

Thank goodness you’re here.
In our bibli-o-sphere
Our “ship” helping steer
Through the months and the year.
You supporting so clear
So glad you drew near
Done all in good cheer
Our Weeks Public Library
good Friends volunteer.

As I shared at a recent meeting nonprofit organizations, like our Friends group, are not always
the best at appreciating their volunteers. Not to say that that’s the case here. But nonprofit
organizations depend on the generous efforts of volunteers. Accordingly they should be thanked
and deeply appreciated - which we do. Our thanks go out not only to Karen, but to all who
volunteer on behalf of the library and on behalf of and for the town of Greenland.

~David Phreaner, Friends Chair

The Friends File


Information about the Friends: 

The Friends of the Weeks Public Library is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization comprised of volunteers dedicated to encouraging and promoting our beautiful new library and enhancing its many services. 

We cordially invite you to join the Friends. We meet the second Monday of every month (except for July and August), at 6:30 p.m. in the library’s Conference Room.

The Friends of the Weeks Public Library provide:

  • Museum passes

  • Annual Summer Reading Program and reading incentives

  • Youth programs and holiday events

  • Adult programs that contribute to Greenland’s educational and cultural life

  • Ongoing book sale

  • Public support and good public relations for the library

We are independent of the library’s Board of Trustees and focus our energies on providing financial support for items not covered in the town budget for the library. Since our beautiful new library is now four times larger than before, those needs are greater than ever. Please help us ensure that the Weeks Public Library delivers the services, resources, and programming that we have all come to enjoy. Won’t you become a member?

Would you like to join the Friends? To view our brochure, click here.

Previous Posts: 

National Library Workers Day

We recently celebrated National Library Workers Day on April 25th, and the Friends of the Weeks Public Library presented our staff with a nice plant and a gift card! We cannot thank our beloved staff enough for their loyalty & dedication to our library, and we're "Forever Grateful" to the Friends for their continued support & recognition of our wonderful staff!


On Nov. 17, 2022, Katrinka Pellecchia of the New Hampshire Library Trustee Association presented the Friends of the Weeks Library with the 2022 Sue Palmatier Award for Friends Group of the Year. Friends Stuart Bauder, Debra Miesfeldt, and Phyllis Picha gleefully accepted the award. This award was in recognition of the Friends' successful "Bookmarking the Future" Campaign to raise funds for the renovation and addition to the Weeks Public Library in Greenland, NH. The reception was held in the living room of the library's newly renovated historic building. 


We are Forever Grateful! The Friends of the Weeks Public Library are pleased to announce that we received a February grant of $6,156.78 from The Fabulous Find in Kittery!  We were thrilled to be the recipients of such a generous donation which will be used to provide enhanced library services to the Greenland community. The Friends of the Weeks Public Library is so grateful for this amazing grant and honored to be part of The Fabulous Find’s long tradition of giving back to the community. We cannot thank them enough for selecting our library as a grant recipient and know that our library patrons will also be thrilled.

Fabulous Find is a boutique-style resale shop at 139 State Rd. (Route 1) in Kittery that identifies non-profits to support with the boutique’s income. All profits from the boutique are donated each month to local non-profits. The busier the month, the greater the donations back to the community. You can learn more about The Fabulous Find at their website:

The Weeks Public Library is located at 36 Post Rd. in Greenland and offers a wide array of library materials, programs and ever-increasing services to Greenland’s youth and adults.  We have recently greatly expanded our facility and are expanding services and programming to satisfy the growing need.  Our grant received from The Fabulous Find will assist us in those efforts.  Please stop in soon or visit us 24/7 at

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