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Friends of the
Weeks Public Library

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The Friends File

April, 2024

The Friends File: The Trajectory of Friends-ship

The last line of the title of this column is not a misspelling. It’s a deliberate combining of
“friends” and “membership”, thus “friends-ship”. By now our new membership brochure should
have reached you. (Actually mine never reached me by mail. I got mine at the library’s front desk.
If you didn’t get a brochure you can get one when you’re next in.) This column is about our
membership growth.


Stuart Bauder chaired our successful capital campaign. If you’re familiar with the saying
“no good deed goes unpunished” – Stuart’s “reward” for his good work was to become the
Friends’ Treasurer. One of the things he’s done, which we appreciate, is to track our membership.
Here’s the trajectory of friends-ship growth for which we have data:



  • Listed names 171

  • Paid 51

  • New [no data]


  • Listed names 206

  • Paid 61

  • New 35


  • Listed names 211 thru 3/08/2024

  • Paid 51

  • New 5

We are growing. As you can see it is a steady climb. Our hope is that by the end of this
calendar year we will have even more new paid Friends than last. If you are wondering about
joining our Friends group a great way to get to know what we’re up to is to come to a meeting.
We meet the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm. Meetings are about an hour. And you
don’t have to be a member to come attend.

I believe that in many ways a library is the heart of a town, a center around which a local
community can gather and thrive. Every Friends group -- our Friends group -- helps support
that center. If you are already a Friend’s member you know the good work we do. If you are
not yet a Friends member please come meet us at a meeting and consider joining.


–David Phreaner, Chair


March, 2024

Greetings. And welcome to the second edition of The Friends File. In his classic movie
The Jerk Steve Martin’s character gets very excited when the phone book arrives, yelling:
“The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!” [This clearly dates me! Younger
readers search Youtube: Steve Martin phone book scene.]

I admit it: our new Friends membership brochure doesn’t have the same cachet. You’re not
going to find me or Stuart Bauder, or for that matter Chris Peters or even Adam loudly
proclaiming, “The new trifold is here!” It just doesn’t signify in the same way. But we are
pleased to announce that the new membership brochure is here. It is published and has been
mailed. You should have received one in your mailbox or you will receive one shortly. Copies
are also are available in the library. We encourage you to read it and respond.

The Friends is an independent organization whose focus is providing support for items
and in ways not covered by the town’s library budget. As our new library is four times the size
of the old library our “extracurricular” needs are larger. Some of our Friends focus includes:

  • Museum passes

  • Summer reading programs,

  • Youth programs,

  • Adult educational and cultural programs

  • Holiday activities, and…yes…

  • Fundraising events.

The kind of support the Friends provide enables our library to be a significant resource for the
entire Greenland community. Won’t you join in so that together we can enable Weeks Public
Library to offer high quality, rich, and engaging programming for all of us. Be in touch if you
have questions. And please consider becoming a Contributing, Sustaining, or Patron member.

Thanks in advance for your support. –David Phreaner, Chair


February, 2024: 

Hello. My name is David Phreaner. I currently serve as a Chair of the Friends of Weeks Public Library. Beginning this month is our column about the work…and play of the Friends. For those new to Greenland or new to the library the Friends’ mission is: 

  • to support the objectives of the Weeks Public Library,

  • to supplement its resources,

  • and to enrich cultural opportunities for Greenland residents.


The mission of this column, The Friends File, is to encourage your participation in our Friends group. Let me begin by introducing myself, next turn to a subject about which we’re excited - museum passes, and finally to encourage your membership.


I am retired Unitarian Universalist minister. My wife, acupuncturist Lisa Rothermich, and I founded Gentle Currents Wellness Center in Greenland in 1997. I’m former co-chair of the Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program. I’m also a producer of True Tales Live storytelling program’s monthly Zoom shows. Let me just add a few words about my library philosophy.

I believe that a library is a commons. By that I mean that a library serves as a kind of meeting place or crossroads for the creation and sustenance of authentic community. In these times libraries play a key role in helping build and encourage that sense of community. The mission of the Friends group is to support and enhance that good work. I hope you’ll join us in that effort.

The COVID 19 pandemic had a variety of what might be called secondary consequences, one of which was the closing or substantially decreased access to museums. With that came the end of museum passes. We are glad to report the library is restarting a museum passes program. The Friends group supports that initiative. Elsewhere in this newsletter Adam provides information about the new passes. It’s exciting. Make sure to take a look.

Finally, every year, generally in January, we send out a brochure inviting membership in the Friends. Shortly you should receive a copy of this year’s mailer. We encourage you to read it. If you have questions be in touch. We hope you’ll sign up and join us in the work and play of the Friends. Oh, and if you have ideas for future Friends Files let us know. ~David

More Information about the Friends: 

The Friends of the Weeks Public Library is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization comprised of volunteers dedicated to encouraging and promoting our beautiful new library and enhancing its many services. 

We cordially invite you to join the Friends. We meet the second Monday of every month (except for July and August), at 6:30 p.m. in the library’s Conference Room.

The Friends of the Weeks Public Library provide:

  • Museum passes

  • Annual Summer Reading Program and reading incentives

  • Youth programs and holiday events

  • Adult programs that contribute to Greenland’s educational and cultural life

  • Ongoing book sale

  • Public support and good public relations for the library

We are independent of the library’s Board of Trustees and focus our energies on providing financial support for items not covered in the town budget for the library. Since our beautiful new library is now four times larger than before, those needs are greater than ever. Please help us ensure that the Weeks Public Library delivers the services, resources, and programming that we have all come to enjoy. Won’t you become a member?

Would you like to join the Friends? To view our brochure, click here.

Previous Posts: 

National Library Workers Day

We recently celebrated National Library Workers Day on April 25th, and the Friends of the Weeks Public Library presented our staff with a nice plant and a gift card! We cannot thank our beloved staff enough for their loyalty & dedication to our library, and we're "Forever Grateful" to the Friends for their continued support & recognition of our wonderful staff!


On Nov. 17, 2022, Katrinka Pellecchia of the New Hampshire Library Trustee Association presented the Friends of the Weeks Library with the 2022 Sue Palmatier Award for Friends Group of the Year. Friends Stuart Bauder, Debra Miesfeldt, and Phyllis Picha gleefully accepted the award. This award was in recognition of the Friends' successful "Bookmarking the Future" Campaign to raise funds for the renovation and addition to the Weeks Public Library in Greenland, NH. The reception was held in the living room of the library's newly renovated historic building. 


We are Forever Grateful! The Friends of the Weeks Public Library are pleased to announce that we received a February grant of $6,156.78 from The Fabulous Find in Kittery!  We were thrilled to be the recipients of such a generous donation which will be used to provide enhanced library services to the Greenland community. The Friends of the Weeks Public Library is so grateful for this amazing grant and honored to be part of The Fabulous Find’s long tradition of giving back to the community. We cannot thank them enough for selecting our library as a grant recipient and know that our library patrons will also be thrilled.

Fabulous Find is a boutique-style resale shop at 139 State Rd. (Route 1) in Kittery that identifies non-profits to support with the boutique’s income. All profits from the boutique are donated each month to local non-profits. The busier the month, the greater the donations back to the community. You can learn more about The Fabulous Find at their website:

The Weeks Public Library is located at 36 Post Rd. in Greenland and offers a wide array of library materials, programs and ever-increasing services to Greenland’s youth and adults.  We have recently greatly expanded our facility and are expanding services and programming to satisfy the growing need.  Our grant received from The Fabulous Find will assist us in those efforts.  Please stop in soon or visit us 24/7 at

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