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Tweens & Teens Programming and Events!

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Teen Advisory Board (TAB)

Anyone in grades 5-12 is welcome to attend! To be considered an official TAB member, you must attend 8 out of 10 meetings per year. If you choose to join us, you must stay for the entire session.

Upcoming: Thurs., Jan. 18th, @ 2:30 pm

TAB Elected Officials

Knox B., Co-President 2023

Luke S., Co-President 2023

Wes K., Vice President 2023

Eliza C., Treasurer 2023

TAB Members

Georgia, Isaac, Sam, Wes, Liana, Allie, Eliza, Mark, Knox, Luke, Mikayla, Sofia, Molly, Mia, Adrian, Nora, Grace, Maeve

For a copy of any month's TAB meeting minutes, please contact Lauren.

Teen Advisory Board Square (8.5 × 11 in) (8.5 × 10 in) (8.5 × 11 in) (2).png
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