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Newest Adult Materials

July 1, 2023


Adelman, Melissa A What the neighbors saw : a novel

Allende, Isabel The wind knows my name : a novel

Archer, Jeffrey Next in line

Audrain, Ashley The whispers

Barclay, Linwood The lie maker : a novel

Bardugo, Leigh Hell bent

Bardugo, Leigh Ninth house

Benedict, Marie The first ladies

Berry, Steve The 9th man

Beutner, Katharine Killingly

Brammer, Mikki The collected regrets of Clover

Brodeur, Adrienne Little monsters : a novel

Burgess, Anthony Earthly powers

Castellano, Elizabeth Save What's Left

Cosby, S. A. All the sinners bleed

Davis, Fiona The spectacular : a novel

Dewitt, Patrick The Librarianist

Doiron, Paul Dead man's wake

Dubus, Andre, III Such Kindness

Grissom, Kathleen Crow Mary : a novel

Harmel, Kristin The Paris daughter

Higgins, Jack The White House connection

Hilderbrand, Elin The five-star weekend

Hoover, Colleen 9-Nov

Hoover, Colleen This girl : a novel

Horan, Nancy The house of Lincoln : a novel

Jackson, Lisa The last sinner

Kelley, Pamela M The bookshop by the bay

Lin, Katherine You can't stay here forever : a novel

Mallery, Susan The happiness plan

McKenzie, Catherine Have You Seen Her

Murphy, Nora The new mother

O'Donoghue, Caroline The Rachel Incident : a novel

Parker, T. Jefferson The rescue

Patterson, James/ Paetro, Maxine The 23rd Midnight

Poston, Ashley The Seven Year Slip

Reid, Taylor Jenkins. The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo : a novel

Robards, Kate The three deaths of Willa Stannard : a thriller

Roberts, Nora Honest illusions

Roberts, Nora Sanctuary

Russo, Richard. Everybody's fool

Sager, Riley The only one left : a novel

See, Lisa Lady Tan's circle of women : a novel

Steel, Danielle Palazzo : a novel

Tanabe, Karin The sunset crowd

Updike, John The widows of Eastwick

Ware, Ruth Zero days

White, Karen The house on Prytania

Wiggs, Susan Welcome to beach town : a novel

Williams, Beatriz The Beach at Summerly : a novel

Woods, Stuart Near miss

Woods, Stuart. Hit list

Benedict, Marie The first ladies

Maden, Mike Clive Cussler fire strike

Davis, Fiona The spectacular : a novel

Hilderbrand, Elin The five-star weekend

Quick, Amanda The bride wore white

Wiggs, Susan Welcome to beach town : a novel

Williams, Beatriz The Beach at Summerly : a novel

Patterson, James/ Dubois, Brendan Cross Down

Gaylin, Alison Robert B. Parker's Bad influence


Robinson, Peter Standing in the shadows



Better Homes and Gardens (Magazine)

Food Network Magazine



Desmond, Matthew Poverty, by America

Finkel, Michael The art thief : a true story of love, crime, and a dangerous obsession

Sevigny, Melissa L Brave the wild river : the untold story of two women who mapped the botany of the Grand Canyon

Ackerman, Jennifer What an owl knows : the new science of the world's most enigmatic birds

Attia, Peter Outlive : the science & art of longevity

Jenkins, Sally The right call : what sports teach us about work and life

Smiley, Jane The questions that matter most : reading, writing, and the exercise of freedom

Borman, Tracy Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I : the mother and daughter who forever changed British history

Das, Nandini Courting India : seventeenth-century England, Mughal India, and the origins of empire

Towler, Katherine. The penny poet of Portsmouth : a memoir of place, solitude, and friendship

Brokaw, Tom Never give up : a prairie family's story

Brown, Egizia Santilli From Vico 1o Porta Nuova and Beyond: Memories of an Abruzzo Childhood

Catudal, Steph Everything all at once : a memoir

Eig, Jonathan King : a life

Hughes, Frieda George : a magpie memoir

McCurdy, Jennette I'm glad my mom died

Russert, Luke Look for me there : grieving my father, finding myself

Snyder, Rachel Louise Women we buried, women we burned : a memoir

June 1, 2023


Abbott, Megan Beware the woman : a novel

Abrams, Stacey Rogue justice : a thriller

Bauermeister, Erica No two persons

Beanland, Rachel The house is on fire

Berest, Anne The postcard

Casati, Costanza Clytemnestra : a novel

Bentley, Don Tom Clancy flash point

Cline, Emma The guest : a novel

Constantine, Liv The senator's wife : a novel

Cronin, Justin The ferryman : a novel

Dubus, Andre, III Such Kindness

Follett, Ken A dangerous fortune

Fortune, Carley  Meet me at the lake

Goldis, Jaclyn The chateau : a novel

Hanks, Tom The making of another major motion picture masterpiece

Henry, Patti Callahan The secret book of Flora Lea : a novel

Herron, Mick Dead lions

Higgins, Kristan A little ray of sunshine

Jennett, Meagan You know her

Keane, Mary Beth The half moon : a novel

Lauren, Christina The True Love Experiment

Maden, Mike Clive Cussler fire strike

Malladi, Amulya A death in Denmark

McCall Smith, Alexander The private life of spies ; : and The exquisite art of getting even

Moore, Georgina The Garnett girls : a novel

Moore, Susanna The lost wife : a novel

Newman, T. J. Drowning : the rescue of Flight 1421 : a novel

Oza, Janika A history of burning

Patterson, James Honeymoon : a novel

Patterson, James, 3rd degree

Patterson, James. 1st case

Patterson, James. The people vs. Alex Cross

Paul, Crystal Smith Did you hear about Kitty Karr? : a novel

Picoult, Jodi Mad honey : a novel

Roberts, Nora Identity

Rosenblum, Emma Bad summer people

Shaara, Jeff The old lion : a novel of Theodore Roosevelt

Smith, Martin Cruz, Independence Square : Arkady Renko in Ukraine

Steel, Danielle The wedding planner : a novel

Taylor, Brandon The late Americans

Urrea, Luis Alberto Good night, Irene

Allen, Nancy Campbell To capture his heart

Amidon, Stephen Locust lane

Baker, Jo The Midnight News

Baldacci, David Simply lies

Berg, Elizabeth Earth's the right place for love : a novel

Brennan, Allison Don't open the door : a novel

Cronin, Justin The ferryman : a novel

Dalton, Julie Carrick The last beekeeper

Deveraux, Jude My heart will find you

Hepworth, Sally The soulmate

Michaels, Fern On the line

Patterson, James. 21st birthday

Steel, Danielle The wedding planner : a novel

Bouchard, Roxanne Whisper of the Seals

Bouchard, Roxanne The coral bride

Bouchard, Roxanne We were the salt of the sea

Nesbo, Jo, Killing moon

Patterson, James/ Dubois, Brendan Cross Down

Paolini, Christopher Fractal noise

Yarros, Rebecca Fourth wing



Dale, Brady Sbf: How the Ftx Bankruptcy Unwound Crypto's Very Bad Good Guy

Sheard, P. The power of money : how governments and banks create money and help us all prosper

Milligan, Benjamin H. By water beneath the walls : the rise of the Navy SEALs

Robbins, Alexandra The teachers : a year inside America's most vulnerable, important profession

The Best of Birds and Blooms

Frisch, Emma Seasonal Family Almanac: Recipes, Rituals, and Crafts to Embrace the Magic of the Year.

Taste of Home : Easy Everyday Cooking 2023

Sepetys, Ruta You: the story : a writer's guide to craft through memory

Grann, David The Wager : a tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder

Bilger, Burkhard Fatherland : a memoir of war, conscience, and family secrets

Cheney, Lynne V. The Virginia dynasty : four presidents and the creation of the American nation

Von Drehle, David The book of Charlie : wisdom from the remarkable American life of a 109-year-old man

Brandus, Paul Countdown to Dallas : the incredible coincidences, routines, and blind "luck" that brought John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald together on November 22, 1963

Kelly, Minka Tell me everything : a memoir



The quiet girl


Yellowstone, season 5



Schiff, Stacy The revolutionary : Samuel Adams

Jha, Sonora The laughter : a novel

May 1, 2023

Baldacci, David Simply lies 
Barry, Dave Swamp story : a novel 
Brennan, Allison Seven girls gone 

Cleeton, Chanel The Cuban heiress 
Cleeves, Ann Raven Black : a [Shetland Island] thriller 
Deveraux, Jude My heart will find you 
Fox, Hester The last heir to Blackwood Library 
Frazier, Charles The trackers : a novel 
Henry, Emily Happy place 
Herron, Mick Real tigers 
Kellerman, Jonathan True detectives : a novel 
Kelly, Martha Hall The golden doves : a novel 
Klune, TJ In the lives of puppets 
Labuskes, Brianna The librarian of burned books : a novel 
Lehane, Dennis Small mercies : a novel 
Medina, Nick Sisters of the Lost Nation 
Meissner, Susan Only the Beautiful 
Miranda, Megan The only survivors : a novel 
Patterson, James/ Paetro, Maxine The 23rd Midnight 
Sterling, Michelle Min Camp zero : a novel 
Stradal, J. Ryan Saturday night at the Lakeside Supper club : a novel 
Thayer, Nancy All the days of summer : a novel 
Verghese, Abraham The covenant of water : a novel 
Winslow, Don City of dreams 
Carr, Robyn The best of us 
Hepworth, Sally The soulmate 
Mallery, Susan The sister effect 
Penner, Sarah The London Séance Society 
Bouchard, Roxanne Whisper of the Seals 
Bryers, Paul The Vatican candidate : a Harper & Blake mystery 
Cambridge, Colleen Mastering the art of French murder 
Clark, Mary Higgins Where are the children now? 
Connelly, Lucy An American in Scotland 
Connelly, Michael Dark sacred night 
Griffiths, Elly The last remains 
Perry, Anne The fourth enemy 
Sandford, John Dark angel

Jha, Sonora The laughter : a novel

Rubin, Gretchen Life in five senses / : How Exploring the Senses Got Me Out of My Head and into the World 
Volf, Miroslav Life worth living : a guide to what matters most 
Bren, Paulina The Barbizon : the hotel that set women free 
Bilson, Estelle 70s house : a bold homage to the most daring decade in design  
Klimt : inspired by Van Gogh, Rodin, Matisse 
Graham, Jorie To 2040

The last king 
A man called Otto 
Yellowstone, season 4


April 1, 2023


Scottoline, Lisa Loyalty

Braitman, Laurel What Looks Like Bravery : An Epic Journey Through Loss to Love.

Atwood, Margaret Old babes in the wood : stories

Benedict, Marie The Mitford affair : a novel

Berg, Elizabeth  Earth’s the right place for love : a novel

Box, C. J. Storm watch

Brashears, Monica House of cotton

Coben, Harlan I will find you

Conklin, Tara Community board

Decos, Lissette Ana takes Manhattan

DeStefano, Ren How I’ll kill you

Ferguson, Sarah A most intriguing lady : a novel

George, Jessica Maame

Guns, Priya Your driver is waiting : a novel

Hart, Emilia Weyward

Jones, Dan Essex dogs

Kellerman, Jonathan True detectives : a novel

King, Owen The curator : a novel

Landay, William All that is mine I carry with me : a novel

Hood, Joshua Robert Ludlum’s The Treadstone rendition

Mallery, Susan The sister effect

Michaels, Fern On the line

Morton, Kate Homecoming : a novel

Napolitano, Ann Hello beautiful : a novel

Novey, Idra Take what you need : a novel

Oakley, Colleen The mostly true story of Tanner & Louise

Oates, Joyce Carol 48 clues into the disappearance of my sister

Parry, H. G. The magician’s daughter

Patterson, James Countdown : a thriller

Penner, Sarah The London Séance Society

Preston, Natasha The island

Reyes, Ana The house in the pines : a novel

Santopolo, Jill Stars in an Italian sky

Scottoline, Lisa Loyalty

Sittenfeld, Curtis Romantic comedy : a novel

Steel, Danielle Worthy opponents : a novel

Stuart, Douglas Young Mungo : a novel

Vonnegut, Kurt Breakfast of champions, or, Goodbye blue Monday!

Walls, Jeannette Hang the moon : a novel

Winspear, Jacqueline The white lady

Carr, Robyn The best of us

Jackson, Jenny Pineapple Street : a novel

Jenoff, Pam Code name Sapphire

Mallery, Susan The sister effect

Moyes, Jojo Someone else’s shoes

Finlay, Alex What have we done

Hepworth, Sally The soulmate

Leon, Donna So shall you reap

Rosenfelt, David Good dog, bad cop

Connelly, Michael. Dark sacred night

Sutanto, Jesse Q Vera Wong’s unsolicited advice for murderers


The whale

Women talking


Kawa, Katie Geek Out! A modern nerd’s guide to conventions

Klickstein, Mathew See you at San Diego : an oral history of Comic-Con, fandom, and the triumph of geek culture

Bonner, Logan Starfinder : core rulebook

Mercer, Matthew Explorer’s guide to Wildemount

Wizards of the Coast LLC Acquisitions Incorporated

Wizards of the Coast LLC Keys from the golden vault

Wizards of the Coast LLC Spell jammer adventures in space : astral adventurer’s guide

Wizards of the Coast LLC Spell jammer adventures in space : boo’s astral menagerie

Wizards of the Coast LLC Spell jammer adventures in space : light of xaryxis

Wizards of the Coast LLC Sword Coast adventurer’s guide

Wizards of the Coast LLC Volo’s guide to monsters

Woods, Timm Random tables : dungeons and lairs : the game master’s companion for creating secret entrances, rumors, prisons, and more

Modular Dungeon System: Tabletop & RPG Terrain Game Set for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc

Dungeon tiles reincarnated : a dungeons and dragons accessory kit

Bren, Paulina The Barbizon : the hotel that set women free

Whitaker, Mark Saying it loud : 1966–the year Black power challenged the civil rights movement

Rothman, Julia Wildlife anatomy : the curious lives & features of wild animals around the world

Regan, Iliana Fieldwork : a forager’s memoir

Bringley, Patrick All the beauty in the world : the Metropolitan Museum of Art and me


Meltzer, Brad The Nazi conspiracy : the secret plot to kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill

Conde Nast Traveler (magazine)

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